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Joint venture a boost for onshore wind

Words: Laura Edgar

Ecotricity has joined forces with Skanska to build onshore wind farms in Britain in a venture called Skylark.

The venture will draw on Ecotricity’s skills in developing green energy projects as Britain’s first green energy company and Skanska’s skills in construction and engineering.

The first five years of the venture aims to deliver 350 MW of new green energy projects to the planning system, which equates to a possible £500 million investment and green electricity for 200,000 homes if the projects are given consent.

Three sites have been identified for the venture’s first round of investment, which would have the capacity to generate 100 MW of renewable energy as early as 2018.

A variety of jobs will be created, including positions for planning, scientific, construction and technical experts and maintenance roles.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has explained that the shared pursuit of sustainability between the two companies creates a strong partnership. “Ecotricity will use its expertise in green energy development to design wind parks and gain planning consents, while Skanska will use their expertise in construction to build them.  

“It’s a simple partnership that will help to bring energy independence to Britain using green energy made in Britain.”

The joint venture will, continues Vince, help Ecotricity advance its ambition to change the way energy is made in Britain in order to improve the sustainability of people’s lives.

Skanska infrastructure development EVP Steve Cooper said: “At Skanska, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Wherever we work, we strive to push forward the green agenda in construction and infrastructure development. Our green agenda, together with our wish to build what society needs, help to define us as a company.”