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Johnsons’ Meadows declared an SSSI

Marsh Orchid

Johnsons’ Meadows in the East Midlands has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Leicestershire meadows site comprises 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of grassland for wildlife and is located between the villages of Woodhouse Eaves and Woodhouse, north of Leicester. It is one of several SSSIs in Charnwood Forest.

There are tall, wide hedgerows on the meadows with grass varieties like the crested dog's-tail cactus, red fescue and sweet vernal, where wildflowers grow, including common knapweed, great burnet and meadow buttercup. 

Heritage features on the site include medieval ridge-and-furrow earthworks and the remains of a medieval settlement. 

The Johnson family has handed down the land for three generations and it continues to manage the meadows in a “traditional and environmentally sympathetic manner”.

The family stated: “We feel privileged to be the guardians of our meadows. embracing our role to protect them. It’s exciting to meet and work with environmental experts and we look forward to encouraging more biodiversity to this wildlife haven for future generations of the family to enjoy.”

Image credit | Shutterstock