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Javid quashes Southwark compulsory purchase order

Words: Huw Morris
Aylesbury Estate
Communities secretary Sajid Javid has backed an inspector’s report rejecting a compulsory purchase order for remaining leaseholders’ flats on the London Borough of Southwark’s Aylesbury Estate.

Javid ruled that the order would have forced the leaseholders to move away from the area “or to invest the majority of their savings in a new property” and would be a disproportionate contravention of their human rights.

The communities secretary said such orders should be used as a “last resort”.  

The inspector, Lesley Coffey, had stated she was not convinced that reasonable steps had been taken to reach an agreement with the leaseholders to buy homes. The order would also have “considerable economic, social and environmental disbenefits” for the leaseholders.

However, Javid also found that an alternative plan to refurbish the estate would not be feasible and that the overall scheme would deliver significant economic benefits.

The secretary’s letter can be read here - for free.

The London Borough of Southwark has since said it will launch a legal challenge of the communities secretary’s decision, claiming it was based on a previous leaseholder policy which it updated last December and shared with the government. Read more here.