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Irish minister spells out department’s planning priorities

Words: Roger Milne
Eoghan Murphy / Fine Gael

Irish housing minister Eoghan Murphy has published the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government’s latest strategy for the period to 2020, which includes a priority to enhance online planning services.

Priorities also include the establishment of the Office of the Planning Regulator and the development of new urban regeneration initiatives.

This blueprint commits the administration to make progress on the implementation of the new National Planning Framework as the Irish state’s strategic plan. This will be complemented by new regional spatial and economic strategies.

On the urban renewal front measures are promised in relation to reuse of existing vacant buildings and derelict sites.

A review of the planning system, focusing particularly on forecasting, planning and the delivery of residential development, is pledged.

In addition, “consideration of opportunities to further streamline the planning system, where appropriate “will be pursued”.

Also in prospect is finalisation of long-promised wind energy development guidelines.

The department will legislate for the extension of Cork City and implement the agreed structural solution for Galway City and County.

By the end of 2020, the department aims to have completed work on developing Ireland’s first Marine Spatial Plan, which will be the first national framework for the sustainable development of the state’s coastal waters.

Statement of Strategy 2017-2020 can be found on the Irish Government website (pdf).

Image credit | Fine Gael