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Irish government allocates €23M to improve social housing

Words: Roger Milne
social housing

Alan Kelly, the Republic of Ireland’s minister for the environment, community and local government, has announced the allocation of €23 million capital funding to some 31 city and county councils to undertake improvement works for social housing.

A total of €8 million will be provided to local authorities for adaptations and extensions to social houses to meet needs of tenants with a disability or to address serious overcrowding.
Under the Government’s Social Housing Investment Programme, local authorities can use suitable vacant stock to meet particular needs; however there are also situations where there is no option other than adapting or extending an existing dwelling.
The minister has assessed the requirements for such works with each local authority and announced allocations per authority based on the level of need identified. 
The minister has also announced that he is allocating a further €15 million to be invested in upgrading the energy efficiency of local authority homes this year. This is part of a three-year jobs stimulus programme that will see the energy efficiency of 25,000 of the poorest insulated local authority homes improved.