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Ireland round-up: Planning and tax crackdown on bulk buying of housing estates; Huge Dublin housing scheme proposed

Words: Roger Milne

A round-up of planning news in Ireland: 15 May-21 May, 2021

Planning and tax crackdown on bulk buying of housing estates

Irish ministers have announced planning and tax changes designed to crackdown on 'cuckoo funds' buying up housing estates.

The Planner

Huge Dublin housing scheme proposed

Property development group Bartra was poised to lodge long-anticipated fast-track proposals this week for the €400 million redevelopment of the O’Devaney Gardens  estate in Dublin with 1,047 new flats across 10 blocks.

Irish Times

Wexford flats mooted

Property company Remcoll Ltd has acquired the old Loreto site in Wexford and is proposing to build 150 social flats there.

Irish Independent

Green light for Dublin 12 fast-track housing

Seabren Developments has secured fast-track planning permission for contentious proposals for 152 flats in Crumlin, Dublin 12.

Irish Times

Capital multi-storey car-park change of use

Table 21 Restaurants, owned by chef Niall Davidson, has applied for a temporary change of use for the top two storeys of the capital’s Trinity Street multi-storey car park. The intention is for it to be used for outdoor dining, an open-air cinema, and an immersive art gallery.

Irish Times

Wicklow blanket bog rewetting

The government’s National Parks and Wildlife Service and Intel Corporation have launched a blanket bog restoration project in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, which will see 60 hectares of drained bog re-wetted to increase water storage levels in part of the River Liffey headwaters by an expected 50-90 million litres.

Irish Government