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Ireland round-up: Councils slated for rural underspend, Climate fines, Airbnb crackdown

Words: Roger Milne

A round-up of planning news in Ireland: 25 November-1 December, 2017

Councils in the doghouse over rural development underspend

Local authority underspending on a number of key rural development programmes has become a matter of concern for the government with the media reporting that some 40 per cent of the nearly €30 million allocated to be used by the end of last year remains in council bank accounts.

The Planner

Climate fines in prospect?

The state could face EU fines of more than €450 million in 2020 for missing legally binding targets on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a climate change expert has warned as new figures from the Environmental Protection Agency show greenhouse gas emissions increased by 3.5 per cent last year.

Irish Times

Dublin airport hotel extension mooted

Hotel owner and operator Tifco is planning a multi-million-euro extension of its Crowne Plaza property near Dublin Airport with a five-storey extension.

Irish Independent

Dundalk biomass power plant surfaces

Power firm Viridian is considering developing a €150 million biomass power plant in Dundalk, Co Louth, it has emerged.

Irish Independent

Dublin Airbnb crackdown

Dublin City Council is cracking down on the proliferation of short-term Airbnb-type lettings in the city, as it steps up its enforcement activity on landlords targeting the tourism market without appropriate planning permission.

Irish Times

Housing construction boom risks overheating the economy

A rapid boost in the construction of new housing risks causing the economy to overheat, a government economic advisory board has warned.

Irish Times

Dublin depot consolidation to free up capital sites

Dublin City Council is proceeding with a €25 million plan to consolidate 19 depots on the city's north side into one location at Ballymun in a move that will free up potential development sites and property that will be sold to finance the project. 

Irish Independent

City planning needs feminine factor

Women's concerns need to be factored into the planning of cities, a women's conference organised by the National Women's Council of Ireland has been told.

Irish Independent