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Ireland’s tallest skyscraper knocked back

Words: Roger Milne
Application refused / Shutterstock_212587093

Proposals for the state’s tallest building, a 28-storey hotel close to Castleknock in Dublin, have been rejected by Fingal County Council.

The administration argued that the development would be “seriously injurious” to the skyline.

Propotron Ltd had applied for the 459-bedroom hotel and office development at the junction of the M50 and N3, between Castleknock and Blanchardstown.

At more than 143 metres tall, the skyscraper would have been considerably bigger than Ireland’s current tallest building, Capital Dock at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in the east end of the city, whose 22 storeys stands 79 metres tall.

Even though it would have had fewer floors, it would also have been taller than the recently approved 34-storey hotel proposed for Custom House Quay in Cork.

Planners for the developer had suggested that the Castleknock development, branded Junction 6, would be a “positive contribution” to the area, saying that the site was suited to “more intensive development”.

Although the developers said the visual impact of the new scheme would be “negligible”, the council saw things differently. It said the scheme would be an “intensive overdevelopment” because of its “bulk, mass, height, scale, design and physical dominance”.

It would be “seriously injurious to the visual amenity of the area, and to the amenities of property in the vicinity and would be seriously out of character with the pattern of development in the area”, commented the council.

The National Transport Authority had  “serious concerns” about the impact the skyscraper would have – if permitted – on already congested roads.

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