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Ireland’s planning regulator launches online tool

Words: Laura Edgar
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The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) has developed and launched an online resource that brings together a range of planning policy guidelines and research in one location. 

The resources in OPR’s Planning Library include Circulars for Planning Authorities, Guidelines for Planning Authorities, Policy Reports, Policy Directives for Planning Authorities and research.

They are initially grouped together according to their subject matter, then more specifically to the topics contained within each individual document. OPR said the “dynamic search function” means that any user can “quickly and easily” locate the specific document they want or browse by their area of interest or expertise.

Planning and non-planning professionals can view and download the material from the library.

Additional developments are planned for the planning library, such as the inclusion of a planning glossary and acronym list. This should clarify specific terms and phrases with which non-planning disciplines may not be familiar. 

The OPR welcomes suggestions in relation to relevant materials from a variety of sources. Please forward any suggestions to [email protected]

The library can be viewed here.

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