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Interactive roadmap seeks to aid improvement of town centres

Words: Laura Edgar
#bettertowns roadmap / Better Towns Roadmap consortium

The Better Towns Roadmap consortium has launched an interactive roadmap to help to ‘transform’ towns across the UK. 

The consortium is a collaboration between HLM Architects, Didobi and realestateworks, which said the step-by-step roadmap should help towns realise their short and long-term goals. 

“It creates clear links between a town’s vision, goals, and targeted outcomes, presenting customised outcomes that defy traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to regeneration, adaptation and change”, said a statement from the consortium. 

It decided to create the roadmap because of a lack of “effective collaboration” across the industry and to join up projects from their conception to delivery. The group thinks “multidisciplinary, collaborative, data-driven approaches can transform any town’s prospects through a succession of deliverable projects linked by a unique vision”. 

The #bettertowns roadmap facilitates the successful repurposing of towns where rigour, process and logic are applied at every stage. 

Each town’s journey proceeds by successively creating a baseline, defining a mission, appraising options, creating an action plan and delivering outcomes. Each step is further unpacked on the #bettertowns website and is supported by an extensive virtual library and self-assessment questionnaires.

Olivia Paine, HLM Architects’ asset and workplace lead, said: “Towns have faced increasing challenges over the years and the current pandemic has seen a shift in the pace of change and an increased necessity for well-informed, connected local authorities. We understand that every town has the potential to be unique and welcome the return of ‘localism’ to the agenda. It is not about selling a generic product, it is about sharing knowledge and information to support towns achieving their desired outcomes.”

Brian Thompson, founding director of realestateworks, added: “Every town is influenced by, but also shapes the economy of neighbouring towns and communities. We look beyond quick fixes and beyond simply the high street for only by doing so can sustainable, viable, and long-lasting strategies be defined.”

More information can be found here on the Better Town website.

Image credit | Better Towns Roadmap consortium