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Innovative rural transport in prospect for Wales

Words: Laura Edgar

Future transport in Wales could include electrified railways and metro-style systems, according to a report by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Cymru Wales.

Vision 2035 (pdf) looks at the future of Wales and visualises how transport and logistics in the country could develop. It takes into account population changes and advancing technology, envisioning that the country will be making decisions on all aspects of transport in the future.

All major rail routes will be electrified, reducing journey times from across Wales to London, and road capacity will be increased with driverless vehicles improving road network capacity, the report states.

Cities and city regions will be benefit from metro-style systems using bus and rail-based technology, focused on interchanges that will be centres of economic activity.

The report also looks at the future of rural transport in Wales, which will need innovative solutions for rail routes that are not electrified, such as shared coaches and routes. Goods are likely to be delivered to community hubs from which customers can collect rather than delivered to shops.

Internationally, Cardiff Airport will be handling 4.5 million passengers with Welsh ports developing more services, says the report.

After 2035, the report argues for high-speed rail lines from South Wales to London and Northern England.

Dr Andrew Potter, chair of CILT Wales, said: “As an essential part of the economy, it is hoped Vision 2035 provides a long-term view of transport in Wales. By thinking now about the opportunities and challenges ahead, better solutions can be found that make a real difference to passengers and businesses alike.”