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Huge west Belfast scheme mired in waste water problem

Words: Roger Milne
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NI Water has confirmed to The Planner that waste water infrastructure problems in west Belfast are posing serious problems for a large development at Glemona.

Braidwater wants to build 656 dwellings, two care homes, a neighbourhood centre, hotel, office and business space and children’s play areas there.

A spokesperson for the water company explained: “The development is in an area subject to capacity issues in the foul sewer network. As a result, new connections to the sewer network are being curtailed.

“NI Water are in discussions with the developer of this site around possible mitigation measures which might permit the developer to proceed to construct this development and connect to the foul sewer network.”

The developer has suggested providing two waste water treatment plants to service the scheme. The water company said: “This would only be considered where no alternative option can be found.

“If no alternative can be found, then it may be necessary for the developer to design, construct and fund the provision of onsite waste water treatment works.

“If constructed to the required standard NI Water may at a future point adopt the wastewater treatment works.”
Publicly owned NI Water has repeatedly warned this year that lack of investment in water infrastructure is acting as a brake on development across the province.

However, it has stressed: “There are no capacity issues with water supply for the site.”

Belfast City Council has highlighted the problem with the Glenmona scheme in correspondence with the Planning Appeals Commission, which is about to start its public inquiry into the city’s latest local development plan.

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