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HS2 compensation scheme revealed

Words: Huw Morris
Birmingham HS2

A compensation scheme for home owners affected by the proposed route for HS2 between London and the Midlands has been unveiled by the government.

The package includes an express purchase option, allowing owners in the "surface safeguarded area" or those closest to the line, to sell their homes to the government at full unblighted market value plus ten per cent and reasonable moving expenses.
A voluntary purchase option for people in rule areas outside the safeguarding areas and up to 120 metres from the line will be launched later this year. A "need to sell" option will also be available to owners with a compelling reason such as job relocation or ill health to sell their home but are unable to do so because of HS2.
Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the government is considering additional compensation offers "in recognition of the exceptional nature of HS2. These include a cash payment of between £30,000 to £100,000 for owners outside the safeguarding area and up to 120 metres from the line who do not want to sell their home and move."
The government will also consult on a home owner payment scheme for those between 120 metres and 300 metres from the line in rural area.