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HS2 boss claims line will deliver half-a-million jobs

Words: Laura Edgar
HS2 train concept art / HS2

High Speed 2’s local-led growth strategies will bring forth nearly 500,000 jobs and nearly 90,000 new homes.

This is what Sir Terry Morgan, chair of HS2 Ltd, told the audience at the HS2 Economic Growth Conference. He showcased how only the regions could rebalance the national economy and close the North-South divide – by connecting, integrating and sharing the benefits of growth.

With benefits already being felt, HS2 will connect 25 stations from Scotland to the South East, facilitating new jobs, increasing trade and presenting opportunities to deliver more housing and improvements to local transport connections, he added.

Morgan said: “HS2 is seeing new strategic alliances form which overcome old rivalries. Our local leaders and businesses know best where homes need to be built, where people need retraining, and where existing and new industries can grow.

“Only by tapping into this local knowledge and expanded partnership working can we reshape Britain permanently. It is now important that towns and cities take ownership of their plans to ensure that we make the most from HS2.”

The HS2 chair called on both political and business leaders to put aside the old ways of working in order to guarantee that the project delivers a maximum return.

Image credit | HS2 Ltd