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Housing white paper: Market diversification

Words: Laura Edgar
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The government has laid out measures to support small and medium-sized builders to grow and build more homes.

This would include through the Home Building Fund, announced in October last year.

According to Fixing our broken housing market, the government’s new Accelerated Construction programme would support it in diversifying the market through partnering with small and medium-sized firms and others as development partners and contractors.

The Help to Buy equity local scheme would be pitched to small and medium-sized builders to encourage take-up, says the paper.

It also notes that the number of small builders has declined, as has the number of homes registered by them – down from 44,000 in 2007 to 18,000 in 2015.

The government want to bring forward more small sites for development which are more easily accessed by these firms. Further to this, the Home Building Fund will provide £1 billion of short-term loan finance targeted at SMEs and custom builders to deliver up to 25,000 homes during this Parliament and £2 billion of long-term loan funding for infrastructure and large sites, creating up to 200,000 homes.

Proposals under diversifying the market also include encouraging more institutional investors into housing, including for building more homes for private rent and encouraging family friendly tenancies.

Fixing our broken housing market has also laid out support for housing associations and local authorities to build more homes and measures to boost modern methods of construction in house building through offsite manufacturing.

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The housing white paper can be found here (pdf).

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