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Housebuilders say they are on track to deliver one million-home target

Words: Laura Edgar
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Housebuilders have said they are ‘on target’ to deliver the million homes the government challenged it to, but highlighted that ‘negative perceptions make further increases in supply more difficult’.

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) said the housebuilding level is up 74 per cent in four years and a record number of planning permissions are being applied for as the industry gears itself up to deliver government pledges to young people and meet the government target of 300,000 homes a year.

Additionally, the HBF said tens of thousands of new employees are being recruited and trained to meet the target.

The organisation also acknowledged that policies such as Help to Buy demonstrate the government’s commitment to building more homes. The scheme has been central to the increases and a “hugely successful policy that should be celebrated”.

But the industry believes that the government should be recognising the progress being made by private sector housebuilders and working with them to “positively position an industry that needs public support”.

Speaking at the annual HBF Policy Conference, Stewart Baseley, HBF executive chairman, told ministers: “The constant criticism of the industry often fails to recognise the huge progress being made. Negative perceptions also make further increases in supply more difficult by encouraging and providing excuses for the anti-development lobby and local authorities who don’t want to build. It also makes attracting the brightest and best people more difficult. Housebuilders across the country face huge challenges getting sites agreed and recruiting skilled workers – issues made more difficult by negative perceptions of the industry.

“The big increases in supply we have seen in recent years are on the back of successful policy introductions and private sector investment. We are calling on government to continue to work with the industry constructively to deliver further mutually beneficial goals.”

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