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Housebuilder commits to biodiversity strategy

Words: Laura Edgar
Hedgehog / Shutterstock_734181115

Housebuilder Redrow has launched a ‘Nature for People’ biodiversity strategy, which has been established as part of a long-standing partnership with charity The Wildlife Trusts.

The strategy is structured around three key themes – nature gains, rewilding lives and flourishing legacy. This will see Redrow pledge to:

  • Contributing to existing or potential nature recovery networks so that wildlife, such as hedgehogs and barn owls, can move freely through their developments and the wider landscape.
  • Enabling and inspiring community connection with nature.
  • Measuring the impact on residents’ wellbeing and improvements in nature.
  • Seeking to exceed government requirements for a 10 per cent biodiversity net gain.
  • Designing new developments to incorporate and celebrate existing natural features.

Nicola Johansen, group sustainability manager at Redrow, commented: “More and more evidence is emerging of the benefits of nature to wellbeing, particularly in light of the current global pandemic. Throughout lockdown, people have taken solace in the natural environment and we’ve seen first-hand how the pandemic inspired residents across our communities to better connect with nature in their local neighbourhoods and the positive impact it has had on their wellbeing.

Referencing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech to get Britain building, she said the firm “found the reference to the natural environment concerning; building more houses and protecting nature doesn’t need to be an ‘either or’ situation”. 

“As a housebuilder that strives to enhance and protect the biodiversity in which our communities are situated, we know very well that it is both possible and necessary to do both. Rather than having a ‘build, build, build’ mentality, the industry should consider how it can build better quality and more sustainable homes and communities. Our work with The Wildlife Trusts has helped us begin to enhance our development designs to incorporate and celebrate existing natural features, contribute to nature recovery networks, and explore ways to deliver gains for biodiversity and resident satisfaction, and we are pleased to share our strategy on how we will achieve that.”

Peter Dorans, corporate relationship manager at The Wildlife Trusts, said the strategy and the partnership will enable houses to be built in a way that makes a positive contribution to nature’s recovery and brings people closer to wildlife. 

“It will inspire new residents and communities to access and care about the nature on their doorstep and it will make sure that natural places are looked after forever. 

“It is vital that we all, including the government, look to solutions that help address the loss of nature and climate change, not make it worse. This strategy places Redrow at the vanguard of the housing sector’s response to these twin crises. We hope that together, we can inspire others in the industry to build in a way that is great for people and wildlife.”   

Image credit | Shutterstock