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Homes for health staff could be built on surplus NHS land

Words: Laura Edgar
NHS surplus land to be sold for affordable housing / iStock-612027898

The government has announced that surplus NHS land will be used to deliver affordable housing, with up to 3,000 homes for NHS staff.

In response to the Naylor Review, which looked into NHS property and estates, the Department of Health and Social Care has recommended that land vacated by the NHS should be prioritised for housing for NHS staff where there is a need.

The government said it agreed that in some areas this would be beneficial and that it is exploring how it can “best support NHS landowners who wish to do this”.

It further acknowledged that such a measure might be useful in attracting permanent employees, which in turn would reduce the money the NHS spends on agency workers.

In October 2017, the government announced that NHS workers would be given first refusal on affordable housing that has been built on former NHS land.

The government will create an NHS Property Board, as Naylor recommended, that will aim to ensure that the “NHS estate is developed and used to best effect to support modern-day patient care”. It will be chaired by health minister James O’Shaughnessy.

The response adds: “We have an ambition that this will benefit up to 3,000 families, particularly in areas where a lack of affordable housing is impacting on workforce recruitment and retention. The NHS Property Board will bring together partners from all relevant sectors to drive delivery of this ambition locally and nationally.”

The government’s response to the Naylor Review can be found on the UK Government website (pdf).

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