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Hertfordshire plans for sustainable transport link

Words: Laura Edgar
Hertfordshire-Essex Rapid Transit (HERT) / Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council has set out it plans for a sustainable transport link connecting Hertfordshire and West Essex.

Called the Hertfordshire-Essex Rapid Transit (HERT), the link is intended to improve the passenger transport network by establishing an "accessible, reliable and affordable east-west system".

The council said the HERT will connect people to where they live, work and study, as well as visit across both counties in a way that is better for the environment but also supports local economies.

The mass rapid transit system will feature transport hubs that connect planned cycling and walking routes to the HERT network.

Hertfordshire County Council is seeking to create more than 100,000 jobs and deliver more than 100,000 homes in the next 15 years. It believes that the associated additional emand on services and facilities such as schools and health and social care, as well already congested roads and railways, will add to the value of the proposed HERT system.

The council sees the HERT project as delivering on its ambition to deliver a sustainable transport system that puts people first and reduces the reliance on cars. It forms part of the council's work to address the climate crisis, for which it declared an emergency last year.

Richard Roberts, leader of Hertfordshire County Council and chair of the Hertfordshire Growth Board, added: “Sustainable travel is one of the most important aspects of our plans to create a greener Hertfordshire, and investment in this new transport initiative to connect West Hertfordshire to West Essex marks a clear step forward in achieving our ambitions. The new public transport system will provide a fast, reliable and convenient way to travel across the county, and support our ambitions to enable all residents to live healthy, fulfilling lives in thriving, prosperous communities.

“I am honoured to have been asked to chair the Hertfordshire Growth Board at such a vital time for the county as we lead its recovery from Covid-19. This new transport scheme is just one of a number of exemplar programmes that will deliver responsible and sustainable growth, and demonstrates our collective level of ambition to make Hertfordshire fit for the future, enabling each and every one of us to live full and productive lives.”

More information is available on the Hertfordshire County Council website.

Image credit | Hertfordshire County Council