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Healey pledges Labour house building drive

Words: Huw Morris

A future Labour government will build 100,000 council and housing association homes a year, according to the party’s housing spokesman.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme this morning, John Healey promised to take “big steps” to deal with the country’s housing crisis, arguing that decades of undersupply have left a “test that all us politicians have to meet”.

“It’s no good announcing big figures and targets,” said Healey, who is the party’s shadow housing and planning secretary. “People have lost confidence in that.”

Details of how Labour would deliver the homes will be unveiled in the party’s forthcoming election manifesto. But Healey said: “You have to have councils building and commissioning new homes as part of a much bigger effort from housing associations, private house builders and councils.”

Healey also said Labour local authorities build more than Conservative controlled councils. He cited a Labour-commissioned study of House of Commons figures, which showed the party’s councils built on average 2,577 homes between 2010-16 compared with 1,679 in Conservative areas. He also said Liberal Democrat local authorities build on average 1,660 homes.


Image: National Archives