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Hayes calls for second referendum

Words: Simon Wicks
Helen Hayes MP

Labour MP and former planner Helen Hayes has called for the UK to hold a second referendum on the detail of the UK’s “Brexit” strategy from the EU.

Speaking to The Planner at the RTPI's Planning Convention, the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood said the referendum was already causing uncertainty about house prices and investment decisions on infrastructure projects. Additionally, there was considerable uncertainty about European funding streams and the cost of borrowing from the European Investment Bank - all of which could have a major impact on the pipeline of built environment projects in the UK.

Hayes condemned the “dishonesty” of the Leave campaign, arguing that the British people needed a clearer and more accurate picture of what a ‘Brexit’ would actually look like before making a fair decision.

“I think it became very clear over the weekend that large numbers of people voted on the promise of things that aren’t going to happen at all, for example the £350 million figure on the side of the bus and the promise of sorting out immigration.

“The dishonesty within the campaign, combined with the closeness of the result and the lack of political choice for 16 and 17 year olds whose futures will be affected, leads to a very strong case for saying ‘Let’s have the negotiation with the EU and look in detail at what Brexit looks like, and ask whether it in fact makes any difference’.

“We need to think about things like the impact on ERDF funding and the cost of borrowing from the European Investment Bank and allow the British public to vote on it.”

Prospective Conservative Party leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt called today (28 June) for the British people to have their say on the terms of the UK’s exit deal with the EU.

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