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Gwynedd Council unveils ambitious affordable housing strategy

Words: Roger Milne
Affordable homes / Shutterstock: 516642517

Gwynedd Council is gearing up to deliver 1,500 affordable homes over the next six years, which will involve a financial commitment of at least £77 million.

Earlier this year the council announced that work had started on four council homes, its first for 25 years.

Now its cabinet is due to consider a housing action plan outlining more than 30 projects across the county that will enable the council to:

  • facilitate at least 500 new affordable homes including the construction of 100 of new homes to be sold or let to Gwynedd residents;
  • offer loans to 250 local first-time buyers;
  • deliver more than 600 new social housing units including buying 72 former social housing units to rent to local people in accordance with the council’s new local allocation policy;
  • extend a grant scheme to bring 250 empty houses back into use across the county; and
  • invest in eco-friendly homes like the innovative scheme involving Passivhaus-style properties currently being developed in the Segontium area of Caernarfon.

This initiative will be led by the recently formed housing and property department established by the council to address the shortage of suitable homes available for locals.

Craig ab Iago, cabinet member for housing, said: “My top priority is to ensure that we as a council do everything we can to offer homes to the people of Gwynedd within our communities. We know that our young people face a greater challenge than ever to find a suitable home locally, and this is an unfair and unjust situation.”

The initiative will be partly funded by the extra council tax levied on second homeowners.

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