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Griffiths calls for drive to develop more flood protection projects

Words: Roger Milne
Flooding / Shutterstock_1101920273

Welsh environment minister Lesley Griffiths this week urged local authorities and Natural Resources Wales to accelerate planned flood and coastal protection schemes and submit additional projects to bolster defences.

Her call came as she announced extra funding worth £2.8 million to repair flood defences damaged during recent storms, and a capital boost in funding to help the construction of more defence schemes this year.

The government is changing some of the rules in its flood and coastal erosion risk management programmes in a bid to kick-start more work.

These moves will:

  • Increase funding support for preparing and designing new flood schemes to 100 per cent; 
  • Raise the grant rate for the construction of coastal defences to 85 per cent, from the current 75 per cent;
  • Allow councils and the NRW to apply for programme funding all year round if capital remains available;
  • Increase investment on smaller defence and maintenance works for local authorities,
  • Allocate £1 million for the delivery of natural flood management schemes, on a two-year pilot basis, funded 100 per cent by the government; and
  • Revisit planned schemes which may require further partnership support.

The minister stressed: “Beyond the repair works, I want to see planned flood and coastal schemes accelerated and additional projects brought forward to bolster defences so people can feel safe in their homes.”

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