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Greater Manchester launches industrial strategy

Words: Laura Edgar

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has published the region’s local industrial strategy, which aims to consolidate the city-region’s leading position in the digital and creative sectors.

As part of the strategy, the region’s Clean Growth Mission to achieve carbon-neutral living in Greater Manchester has been launched. The target date is 2038 – 12 years earlier than the UK target.

Burnham launched the strategy alongside business secretary Greg Clark and Manchester’s deputy mayor for economy Sir Richard Leese. It supports the area’s “pioneering industrial and social visions”, according to a statement from the mayor’s office.

This is the second regional industrial strategy to be launched: the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy was published in May. It aims to build on the strengths of the automotive, life sciences, creative and business services sectors at the heart of the regional economy. The intention is to deliver inclusive growth and high-skilled jobs.

Burnham said his city-region’s plan is focused on people to ensure that it creates good quality jobs to help them to succeed now and into the future.

“We want to be the UK’s leading green city-region, which is why our ambition to achieve carbon-neutral living by 2038 is right at the heart of these plans. We will show that these plans are not just the right thing for people and the environment but also right for our economy."

The Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy is focused on addressing the findings of the Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review, which identified a set of barriers the city-region must tackle to improve its economic performance. These include:

  • infrastructure and transport capacity
  • population health; and
  • education and skills.

The strategy intends to overcome these barriers, while at the same time responding to global changes such as the climate crisis and an ageing society.

As well as launching the Clean Growth Mission, it includes:

  • establishing Greater Manchester as a global leader on health and care innovation, creating new industries and jobs, and improving population health and extending healthy life expectancy;
  • positioning Greater Manchester as a world-leading region for innovative firms to experiment with, develop and adopt advanced materials in manufacturing; and
  • ensuring that the education, skills and employment systems allow everyone to reach their potential and that employers have access to the skills required to deliver the Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy.

The strategy's commitment to drive prosperity and productivity across all 10 boroughs will be supported by the approach outlined in the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter to help the city-region become more productive.

Clark said: “Greater Manchester has a strong and proud manufacturing heritage and this new local industrial strategy, developed in partnership between government and local leaders across the city region, will ensure its world-leading position in this field is secured and built on for the next generation.

“At the heart of this strategy is clean growth and Greater Manchester’s determination to reap the rewards of the UK’s transition to a net-zero [emissions] economy reinforced by the city region’s ambition to be the first carbon-neutral city in the UK by 2038."

The Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy can be found on the UK Government website.

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