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Government urged to drive forward carbon storage

Words: Huw Morris
Carbon storage

Ministers must set up a special company to deliver infrastructure for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and reduce the cost of tackling climate change, according to an influential group of advisers.

The Parliamentary Advisory Group on CCS said the state-backed company could deliver up to six strategic hubs to take 30 million tonnes of carbon by 2030 and deliver clean electricity at a cheaper cost than the proposed Hinkley Point C power station and most renewables.

The hubs would take carbon emissions from power stations and bury them in exhausted oil and gas fields under the North Sea, while providing thousands of jobs for industrial areas such as Teesside and Grangemouth.

“CCS is a priority for Britain if our 2050 climate goals are to be achieved at least expense,” said Lord Oxburgh, who led the report. “Government intervention and leadership is crucial and, in common with major projects such as the delivery of the London Olympics, the role of the public sector will be crucial in the early years.”

The group said the strategic hubs could be privatised at a later date.

Last November, the government cancelled its £1 billion competition for CCS technology in a move attacked by the industry.

Lowest Cost Decarbonisation for the UK: The Critical Role of CCS is available here