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Government to consult on national guidance for crematoria

Words: Huw Morris
Funeral / Shutterstock: 664198003

In 2017 there were 467,748 cremations representing 77 per cent of all deaths, with each crematorium having an average of 1,607 cremations that year.

The consultation follows a review into the size and provision of crematoria facilities announced in autumn 2015, with a formal review published alongside the 2016 March Budget.

This review attracted about 150 responses, most of which were from Hindu communities particularly in North and West London and Leicester, but also representations from other faith and belief groups as well as those of no faith.

These responses highlighted the capacity of crematoria to accommodate large groups as well as problems with car parking. Other issues included difficulties with the design of crematoria – particularly with fixed seating or the catafalque – and a lack of facilities to carry out specific rituals, including separate prayer rooms, washing facilities, a viewing room to witness the committal of the coffin or proximity to water.

Besides the consultation on revised guidance, the government aims to offer support to community groups interested in operating their own crematoria.

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