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Government takes step forward on green compensation

Developers and wildlife groups have been asked how the planning system can provide alternative sites for nature following development.
The government is consulting on how the planning process can create nature sites to compensate for damage caused by development.
Under the move, known as biodiversity offsetting, developers operating in eco-logically sensitive areas would be allowed to proceed if they pay for conservation schemes elsewhere.
“We want to hear from developer and wildlife groups alike on how we can simplify the existing planning process while enhancing our natural environment,” said environment secretary Owen Paterson. “There is no reason why wildlife and development can’t flourish side by side.”
Six pilot areas were selected in England in 2012 for two-year trials of a voluntary approach to offsetting through the planning system. In March, a government task force suggested rolling the scheme out nationwide.
Biodiversity offsetting has been used in 25 other countries, including the USA, Australia, India and Germany.
The consultation will last until early November and the government will then offer proposals on how biodiversity might work in the UK.
The consultation paper is available here