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Government releases £91.5 million for vulnerable people

Words: Huw Morris

A total of 274 local authorities will share in £91.5 million of government funding to help vulnerable people housed during the Covid-19 pandemic to stay in accommodation.

The £91.5 million will be used to guarantee interim accommodation and support for the most vulnerable people.

This includes helping people into the private-rented sector, funding for interim accommodation such as supported housing as well as wider support to rebuild their lives.

London receives the highest share of the funding at more than £43 million, followed by the South East with more than £15 million, the North West with £7.6 million, and the South West with nearly £7.4 million.

An additional £13.5 million fund will be used to enable local authorities to tackle new or emerging challenges. Around 15,000 vulnerable people have been housed in hotels and other forms of emergency accommodation since the start of the pandemic. This includes people coming in directly from the streets, people previously housed in shared night shelters and those who have become vulnerable to rough sleeping during the pandemic.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is also considering applications for a £161 million fund to provide more than 3,300 additional supported homes this year for those sleeping rough or housed in emergency accommodation. This fund is part of broader support to provide 6,000 such homes over four years.

Image credit | iStock