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Government proposes new southern rail link to Heathrow Airport

A outside shot of Heathrow Airport

The government has invited local authorities and private sector companies to invest in delivering a new southern rail link to Heathrow Airport.

A number of consortia are already looking to construct the southern link to Heathrow. The government plans to invest over £47 million on the rail network over the next five years.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling called for ideas to enhance the nation’s railways, including from local authorities and the private sector. Proposed schemes would need to build on the government’s investment in rail infrastructure.

He said: “By encouraging innovative ideas and new investment on our railways, we can relieve the burden on taxpayers and fare-payers with projects that match our transport needs.”

Grayling added: “Heathrow is a perfect example of where this can make a real difference. Such schemes will help ensure the benefits of our major international hub are even more accessible to those across the west and south of the UK, providing vital links for travellers and exporters and attracting inward investment.”

The government has set out a new process for ensuring that taxpayer-funded rail projects are planned and scrutinised more effectively in future.

Rail Market-Led Proposals: Call for Ideas can be found on the UK Government website.

Image credit / Heathrow Airport