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Government injects nearly £10m to build homes at Festival Gardens

Festival Gardens, Liverpool

Homes England will give £9.9 million in funding to Liverpool City Council to build 1,500 homes at Festival Gardens, Liverpool.

The funding comes from the government’s £450 million local authority accelerate construction (LAAC) programme.

It will enable essential remediation work to take place on the site, paving the way for residential development to begin in spring, with the first homes being available by 2022.

The site will provide owner-occupied houses and privately rented apartments.

Homes England opened new offices in the same building as Liverpool City Region Combined Authority at Mann Island, Pier Head, which will help the two organisations to collaborate more effectively to get homes built, the government said.

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, said: “We are fully aware of the potential the Festival Gardens has and its transformation will be a game-changer for this city’s economy in terms of new homes, construction jobs and growth.

“We are testing feasibility for a leisure element on site – Festival Gardens will not only deliver a much sought-after housing development, but also a first class visitor and cultural destination.”

Image credit | Shutterstock