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Government figures show year-on-year fall in Right to Buy sales

Words: Laura Edgar
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An estimated 2,612 homes were sold in the final quarter of 2018/19 in England. This is a 23 per cent decline from the 3,396 sold in the same quarter a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) statistics.

From January to March 2019, local authorities received approximately £219.7 million from selling properties through the Right to Buy scheme.

This is 16 per cent less than the £262.4 million received in the same quarter in 2017/18.

The average receipt for homes sold in Q4 of 2018/19 was £84,100 – slightly more than the average a year earlier, which was £82,800.

Through the replacement policy there were 1,406 dwellings started on site or acquired in Q4, which is 13 per cent less than in 2017/18.

The statistics follow the same pattern as the third quarter in 2018, when an estimated 2,645 dwellings were sold.

Right to Buy Sales in England: January to March 2019 can be found on the MHCLG website (pdf).

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