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Government advisers call for small reactors on existing nuclear sites

Words: Huw Morris
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Existing nuclear sites should be used for a new wave of small reactors to avoid problems in the planning system, say government advisers.

Communities and councils around nuclear sites recognise the benefits of the industry to jobs and the local economy, according to the Expert Finance Working Group set up by the government to advise on private finance for developing small reactors.

Small nuclear reactors could be up and running by 2030 and would range from micro-generation projects through to 600MW reactors.

Sites that are acceptable to the community helps to “de-risk the planning and public consultation processes”, it said, thereby reducing the risks of delays and cost overruns on developments.

Using such sites would allow developers to use existing site licensees, which would reduce risks with licensing and regulatory compliance as well as construction and operating costs.

The advice is available here.  

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