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Gove: 300,000 new homes unlikely in 2022

Words: Martin Read

The levelling-up and communities secretary has said that he does not expect that the government’s own target of delivering 300,000 new homes a year by the mid-2020s will be met in 2022.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Michael Gove said that while it was unlikely that the target would be met this year, the government “will do everything we can to ensure more of the fight homes in the right place in the right places.”

Pressed on why the government had yet to make good on its target of 300,000 new homes a year, Gove added: “It’s no kind of success simply to hit a target if the homes are shoddy, in the wrong place, don’t have the infrastructure required and are not contributing to beautiful communities.

“Ultimately when you are building a new dwelling you’re not trying to hit a statistical target… it’s only one of a number of things that we need to do. I am not bound by one criterion alone when it comes to development.

“Arithmetic is important but so is beauty, so is belonging, so is democracy and so is making sure that we’re building communities.”

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill announced yesterday includes updated versions of planning reform measures first outlined in the government’s white paper of 2020, such as a new form of infrastructure levy, more standardisation of the local plan-making process and the reforming of Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment.

There is also talk of further digitisation of the planning process in general and the deployment of local design codes to allow residents more input into the kind of buildings allowed in their area.

Image credit | ITS, Shutterstock