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Glasgow’s economic strategy targets 25,000 homes

Words: Laura Edgar

Glasgow City Council has published its economic strategy for 2016-2023, which includes an aim to build 25,000 homes.

The strategy also details targets to create 50,000 jobs, an additional 1,000 new businesses by the end of 2023, and 2,500 more hotel beds to support the council’s ambition to boost visitors to the city from two million to three million a year.

Councillor Frank McAveety, leader of the city council, announced the Glasgow Economic Strategy 2016-2023 at the 19th annual State of the City Economy Conference.

He also revealed plans to launch “Scotland’s first” city innovation district in the city centre. The area around the Technology and Innovation Centre near George Square already has £150 million initial capital investment and an innovation programme worth £250 million.

The strategy says 25,000 homes will be built by 2023 and that through a review of the city’s urban planning policy and the provision of more homes, the council would increase the number of people living in the city centre.

Glasgow City Council pledged to call on the Scottish Government to reinstate the Vacant and Derelict Land Fund, which enables cities to bring land back to sustainable use.

The strategy outlines eight key sectors at the heart of the council’s plans, including low carbon, while 10 themes will help to continue to allow Glasgow to “flourish and grow”. These themes include smart infrastructure investment, housing mix and supporting enterprise.

The Glasgow Economic Strategy 2016-2023 can be found here (pdf).

Image credit | iStock