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General Election 2017: Plaid Cymru promises to escalate energy renewables

Words: Laura Edgar
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Woods / National Assembly for Wales

Plaid Cymru has promised to fund new Welsh railways, roads and affordable homes as well as increase energy generation from renewable energy sources.

The party’s manifesto, launched by leader Leanne Woods, says energy bills are “needlessly high despite us being an exporter of electricity” and the country’s housing stock is “outdated and inefficient”.

Plaid Cymru said the party would protect the country’s economy and identity.

On housing


Should the party win the General Election on 8 June, it would roll out a nationwide scheme to make the country’s housing stock more energy efficient.

Plaid Cymru plans to secure compensation for those who have suffered from badly installed, government backed cavity wall insulation.

Additionally, the party would provide veterans with the support they need, including adequate housing.

On infrastructure


According to the manifesto, Wales’s public transport system is not fit for purpose.

“All of this while England benefits from next-generation trains and high-speed rail links costing £56 billion.”

Therefore, to fund “vital” infrastructure projects throughout Wales, the party would establish a £7.5 billion investment programme. It would also press for a fair share of the UK’s infrastructure spend. It is hoped that in future the country will have upgraded road and rail links and 10,000 extra affordable homes.

Plaid Cymru opposes the construction and use of pylons through national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, supporting underground or undersea cables where possible.

On energy


The manifesto notes that Wales, and the UK in general, is “far too reliant” on fossils fuels, which are becoming scarcer, meaning energy bills will go up.

To combat this, the party wants to increase energy generation from the renewables industry, including delivering tidal lagoons in Swansea Bay, Cardiff and Colwyn Bay.

A national electric vehicle-charging network would be established, while responsibility over Welsh energy generation and natural resources would be transferred to the National Assembly.

The party wishes to introduce a Climate Change Act, with targets to reduce greenhouse gas and pollution levels by 2030 and 2050.

The Plaid Cymru manifesto can be found here (pdf).

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Image credit | National Assembly for Wales