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Gas holder listings under challenge over blight in Scotland

Words: Roger Milne
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Gas distribution company SGN has confirmed to The Planner it has appealed against the listing of six redundant gas holders by Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

The energy company has said listing the gas holders will make the redevelopment of the former industrial sites much less feasible,

The striking steel structures are at one site in Dunfermline and two separate sites in Glasgow, at the former Provan and Temple gasworks.

The Provan gasholders were the largest ever built in Scotland. HES said all the structures were historic buildings and “an important reminder of an industrial process that is now largely redundant”. The conservation body also said the structures were important landmarks.

Dan Brown, a spokesperson for the company, said: “We have been tasked by the energy regulator Ofgem to dismantle all our gasholder fleet by 2029. This is because we can now store gas in pipes, which is much more cost effective. Compared with the rest of our assets, gasholders represent a heightened safety and environmental risk.

“Our gasholders in Dunfermline, Provan and Temple are all no longer in use. It’s not sustainable for us to keep these redundant structures in a safe and visually acceptable condition long term.

“We’re also committed to redeveloping the land they sit on for use that’s more beneficial to the local community, such as housing and business premises. Because of this, we are appealing the decision by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to list these gasholders. The appeal process is currently ongoing.”

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