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Garden cities prospectus to come under TCPA microscope

Words: Huw Morris
Welwyn Garden City

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has pledged to "forensically" inspect a government prospectus on garden cities to ensure it meets the scheme's founding principles.

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that £200 million in funding will go towards plans for the first garden city for 100 years comprising 15,000 homes at Ebbsfleet in Kent.

His Budget last week promised to publish a prospectus setting out how local authorities could develop their own proposals for new garden cities before Easter.

Speaking at the TCPA's spring conference today, head of policy Hugh Ellis said: "Please don't make any mistake. We will examine any proposal forensically to make sure they uphold the highest traditions of the TCPA."

The garden city principles, developed by the TCPA's founder Ebenezar Howard, include strong vision, leadership and community engagement.

They also demand land value capture for the benefit of the community, community ownership, mixed tenure affordable homes, a strong local jobs off, high-quality design and generous green space.