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Funding announced to improve London’s air quality

Words: Laura Edgar

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced £1.4 million of funding for six ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’ that aim to tackle London’s air quality at a local level.

The funding will be matched by £1.1 million from the London boroughs involved and Heathrow airport.

The Neighbourhoods of the Future schemes aim to break down the barriers preventing people from buying ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) and ease the transition for communities wanting a greener lifestyles.

The schemes include a zero emissions zone, ‘electric streets’ that have a high concentration of electric vehicle charge points and the trial of technology such as an ultra-low emission HGV.

The six neighbourhoods are:

  • £210,000 for Hammersmith & Fulham: A zero emission zone is proposed for Hammersmith town centre, including standard and rapid charge points for electric vehicles and sustainable urban drainage.

  • £130,000 for Heathrow Airport: A trial of one of the UK’s first hydrogen-diesel powered vans will take place at Heathrow Airport’s delivery consolidation centre, supporting the reduction of emissions from its day-to-day operators.

  • £1,198,000 for Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets: Electric streets will be created, with charging points and electric vehicle-only parking and loading points.

  • £230,000 for Harrow: Mechanics will be trained to service ULEVs while electric vehicle charging points will be installed in Harrow town centre. Local businesses are set to trial the use of electric vehicle fleets.

  • £609,000 for Haringey: Clean energy charging systems will be trialled, including a rapid charging taxi rank. Engagement with businesses and the community to increase awareness of green technology and encourage behaviour change.

  • £123, 306 for Croydon & Sutton: Electric vans and trucks will be loaned to businesses in the Beddington Industrial area in an attempt to reduce pollution caused by the high levels of construction in Croydon town centre.

Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for environment and energy, said: “These six innovative schemes will play a direct role in cleaning up toxic air in neighbourhoods across London, and could lead the way for similar schemes across the UK.

“It’s only by working closely with councils, businesses and local communities across London that we can fulfil our ambition of being a world leader in tackling the air pollution crisis.”

John Hayes, transport minister, added: “We are determined to drive the take-up of low emission vehicles to improve London air quality and boost quality of life.

“We are investing nearly £600 million in this Parliament to encourage people to switch to greener vehicles, including £13 million to encourage Londoners to go electric. The Neighbourhoods of the Future scheme will further help cut harmful emissions in the capital.”

Image credit | iStock