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Fund reopens for heritage project grants

Words: Laura Edgar
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Funding applications are being accepted by the National Heritage Lottery Fund for project grants ranging from £3,000 to £5 million.

This fund comes after almost a year of the National Heritage Lottery Fund providing emergency support for heritage in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, in March 2020, new project funding was halted.

More than 950 organisations received a share of £50 million to help them to cope with the difficulties they faced.

Ros Kerslake, CEO of The National Lottery Heritage Fund, said: “Heritage has an essential role to play in making communities better places to live, creating economic prosperity and supporting personal wellbeing. All of these are going to be vitally important as we build back from the current pandemic.

“During 2020 we focused on supporting heritage across the UK to adapt and respond to the immediate impact of the Covid-19 crisis. By the end of this financial year we will have supported more than 1,500 organisations across the heritage sector with over £500 million of National Lottery and government funding.

“Our focus now is to support the heritage sector to strengthen its recovery and to build back for positive change – reopening applications for heritage projects is key to the success of this.”

Grants are available for a broad range of heritage projects and activities, from industrial heritage and sites, castles and historic places of worship, to the stories and memories of communities, through to public parks, natural landscapes and native wildlife.

There has been one change to the criteria accepted between April 2021 and March 2020 when making funding decisions. Priority will be given to heritage projects that deliver at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Boosting local economies, including job creation.
  • Improving people’s wellbeing.
  • Making local areas a better place to live, work and visit.
  • Developing skills, including creating training opportunities.
  • Improving the resilience of organisations we fund.

This change is intended to ensure that the funding provided by National Lottery players supports the wider UK economic and social recovery from the pandemic.

In addition, every project will need to demonstrate an inclusion outcome so that “a wider range of people will be involved in heritage” and that they are environmentally responsible and are integrating environmental measures.

More information can be found on the National Lottery Heritage Fund website.

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