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Forth Bridge nearer to designation as a World Heritage site

Words: Roger Milne

The iconic Forth Bridge is a step closer to becoming Scotland’s sixth World Heritage Site.

The agenda has been published for the forthcoming annual World Heritage Committee conference, due to be held in Bonn, Germany, next month (June).

The conference papers include a draft decision to designate what is arguably the world's greatest and most famous cantilever bridge.

The application for world heritage status said the bridge represented “the pinnacle of 19th century iron and steel bridge construction”.

It added: "A world wonder of its age, this Victorian engineering marvel was made possible by new steel production processes. “No steel cantilever bridge has ever matched the perfect balance of structural elegance and quality of design represented by this bridge."

The rail bridge, which opened in 1890, would join St Kilda, the Antonine Wall, the old and new towns of Edinburgh and New Lanark on the prestigious UNESCO list.