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Fears for Swansea tidal lagoon surface as Welsh Government commits to green power

Words: Roger Milne

Former cabinet minister Stephen Crabb this week warned the UK government against ‘foot-dragging’ over the proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project.

“This cannot become another third runway decision, where industry makes repeated calls for a government decision only for it to be kicked further down the road. There is too much at stake,” the ex-Welsh secretary told a Commons debate.

He said there were "powerful and compelling arguments" for ministers to support the project.

But energy minister Jesse Norman said a decision this year was "unrealistic”.

An independent report into the technology was submitted to ministers on Tuesday (6 December).

Supporters say the project would create and deliver enough energy for 150,000 homes over 120 years.

Crabb’s stance came as the devolved Welsh Government promised to set targets for renewable energy and use its planning powers to limit the development of new coal-fired power stations.

Environment secretary Lesley Griffiths told assembly members that Welsh ministers would use building regulations to ensure that new houses built in the country were more energy efficient.

She explained the steps the government would take to reduce the amount of energy used in Wales and move from its traditional association with fossil fuels to a nation known for renewable energy generation like tidal power.

Image credit | Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon