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Fast-track planning regime extension goes to cabinet

Words: Roger Milne
Eoghan Murphy / Houses of the Oireachtas

The government initiative that allows planning applications for large residential projects to be fast-tracked by An Bord Pleanála looks set to be extended for another two years.

Minister for housing and planning Eoghan Murphy (pictured) went to cabinet this week to request a two-year extension, subject to new conditions. This follows a review of the initiative.

To address concerns about slow implementation as well as the scope for potential hoarding of sites, the minister is proposing a new ‘use it or lose it’ measure. According to media reports, if the planning permission granted by the planning agency is not activated within 18 months, the permission will lapse.

In a related but separate development, the board is considering one of the largest fast-track schemes proposed for a location outside Greater Dublin – a project involving some 661 homes planned for Drogheda, County Meath, by developer Trailford Ltd.

Image credit | Houses of the Oireachtas