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Extending the Borders railway to Carlisle to be considered

Words: Roger Milne
Borders Railway / National Rail

Extending the Borders railway will be one of the options considered by a new study looking at improving transport provision in the south of Scotland, across all modes including road, rail and public transport.

Government agency Transport Scotland has announced the award of the contract to Jacobs UK Ltd. The study starts later this month (April) and is expected to take about seven months to complete.

The findings will feed into the forthcoming revitalisation of the administration’s so-called Strategic Transport Projects Review, which will look at future transport proposals for the whole of Scotland, including the Scottish Borders.

Transport minister Humza Yousaf said: “This study will take forward that commitment by considering how we improve accessibility in the Borders, link communities to key markets through strategic transport routes, and identify where improvements to transport links are required.

“We want to build on the existing Borders railway by considering whether it should be extended to Carlisle. The study will also look at how we improve access from the Scottish Borders to key markets into Edinburgh, Carlisle and Newcastle.

Image credit | National Rail