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Exploratory shale gas drilling approved in Nottinghamshire

Words: Laura Edgar
Exploratory shall drilling / iStock_000022131270

Nottinghamshire County Council has granted planning permission to two separate applications to drill exploratory shale gas wells.

One site will be located off the A634 between Barnby Moor and Blyth.

This approval follows the completion of a legal agreement, required as part of the decision of the council’s planning and licensing committee on 21 March this year, to approve an application by Dart Energy Ltd to drill the exploratory wells at the site in Bassetlaw.

The Section 106 legal agreement includes several requirements, including lorries to enter and leave the site using a designated route to and from the A1, and payment of a bond that would be used to restore the site in the event that Dart Energy is unable to fulfil restoration requirements in the planning permission. The existing community liaison group must be retained for the length of the development.

Alongside the legal agreement, there are 52 separate conditions aimed at minimising the impact of the development on the environment and local communities.

The second site is on land off Spring Road, Misson, in Bassetlaw. This follows approval by the council’s planning and licensing committee on 15 November 2016 of Island Gas Ltd’s application to drill exploratory wells.

The Section 106 legal requirements include a designated route for all vehicles visiting and leaving the site, establishing a community liaison committee and the monitoring of water levels. There are 37 separate conditions in place alongside the legal agreement.

Both planning consents are valid for three years.

The council has said that no fracking is included as part of either development.

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