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Europe’s biggest zinc mine seeks extraction consent in Ireland

Words: Roger Milne
Zinc mine / iStock-183250357

The Swedish-owned company, which operates Europe’s biggest zinc mine in County Meath, has confirmed to The Planner that it has applied for planning permission to resume underground mining of the so-called Nevinstown ore body.

This is the zinc resource closest to the surface at the mining complex. Extracting the ore requires the planning approval of the county council.

The company, Boliden Tara Mines, has already got the green light from An Bord Pleanála for a significant extension of the capacity of the mine's tailings dam.

This proposal to enlarge the dam by 58 hectares will provide extra storage capacity for around 9.6 million cubic metres of mine waste.

The mining operations still require approval from the Department of Communication, Climate Action & Environment and sign-off by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Image credit | iStock