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England round-up: CIL review launched; Private sector investment in infrastructure needs close evaluation

Words: Laura Edgar
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A round-up of England: 14-20 November, 2015

CIL review launched

A consultation into the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) has been launched by the review panel assigned to assess whether it does or can provide an effective mechanism for funding infrastructure.

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Private sector investment in infrastructure needs close evaluation

A study has found that there has been a shift from public to private sector infrastructure investment in the past 35 years, increasing from 4 per cent to 59 per cent.

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West Midlands and Liverpool granted devolution deals

West Midlands and Liverpool City Region have each agreed a devolution deal with Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

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UK coal power stations to close by 2025

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has announced government plans to close all coal-fired power stations by 2025.

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IPPR warns counties could miss out on devo deals

There is a “clear case” for devolution to English counties, but the government’s insistence on a mayoral model could cut these areas off from additional powers, warns an Institute for Public Policy Research report.

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Parish Council offers support for solar farm on green belt… in exchange for £14,000 a year payout

Parish councillors agreed to offer their support to the proposed solar farm development at their last meeting on November 3 after Dr Clive Weatherby, representing SBC Renewables, talked councillors through changes to the plans and outlined details of a Community Benefit Fund.

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Villagers near Rugby battling plans for sand and gravel quarry

Villagers are fighting plans for a “massive” extraction of minerals on their doorsteps.

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Northern Powerhouse plan unknown to two-thirds in North

Two-thirds of people in the North of England have either never heard of, or know nothing about, the Northern Powerhouse, according to a BBC-commissioned survey.

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Reworked Pinnacle to set new heights for City of London

The City of London skyline is to be dominated by a newcomer after the latest version of a tower formerly known as the Pinnacle or Helter Skelter received the green light from planners.

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Thousands of social tenants will lose out if solar subsidies cuts go ahead

Plans to put solar panels on up to 45,000 social houses in the UK will be shelved if government subsidy cuts go ahead in January as promised, renewable energy companies have told The Guardian.

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Plans for Northumberland wind turbines ditched to the delight of residents

Proposals for massive turbines close to one of the country’s biggest wind farms have been ditched, sparking joy among local residents.

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Drax chief warns over government's gas plans

Consumers could be exposed to soaring energy prices under new government plans, says Dorothy Thompson, boss of coal-fired power generator Drax.

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Dismay as demolition of London Road historic premises is approved in student flats plan

The demolition of a number of historic Leicester buildings to make way for a student flats block has been approved.

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