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Enforcement action over barn ‘vandalism’

Words: Laura Edgar
Snowdrop Barn before work / YDNPA

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) has said it will serve an enforcement notice on the owner of a barn in Maulds Meaburn for deviating from plans that received planning permission.

The planning committee approved plans to convert Snowdrop Barn, a large detached barn, into a home in 2016, with conditions.

A series of unauthorised works have been carried out on the barn, the national park alleges, including sandblasting of the exterior and repointing with a pink mortar. Conditions that relate to archaeology, protected species, surface water and landscaping have not been discharged.

Judith Fraser, a resident of Maulds Meaburn, told the committee that the village had welcomed the original “sensitive” conversion, but the unauthorised works had “radically” changed the appearance of the barn.

Julie Martin, member champion for cultural heritage at the park authority, said: “I think it’s fair to describe the way in which this development has taken place as a truly shocking act of vandalism. Maulds Meaburn is an outstanding village in landscape and historic environment terms. The barn is on its northern edge and is a key part of the setting of the village and conservation area.”

She added that the work is seriously damaging the area’s historic assets.

At a committee meeting last week (13 November), applications to vary conditions and change land use were refused. Members approved enforcement action.

Image credit | Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority