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Energy firm calls for onshore wind to meet demand from electric cars

Words: Huw Morris

Politicians must support the development of onshore wind farms in Scotland to meet the anticipated massive growth in electric cars – and to hit carbon reduction targets.

The call, by ScottishPower Renewables, came as the company reached the milestone of 2,000MW for wind power capacity in the UK following the completion of a £650 million programme to build eight onshore wind farms.

In the past 18 months, the company has built capacity for more than 470MW of onshore wind, delivering enough power for more than 280,000 homes.

“If the UK government is serious about reducing carbon emissions and having enough clean power to support the huge expected growth in electric vehicles, then more onshore wind is essential,” said ScottishPower Renewables chief executive Keith Anderson.

“One new onshore wind turbine could power around 7,000 electric vehicles, but we need to act now to meet growing demand.”

He added that Scotland “still has a significant untapped stream of projects, in the right locations, ready to be delivered”, and that a further 2,000MW could be delivered by 2020.

Image credit | iStock