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Emergency bill published in Ireland to extend permissions

Words: Roger Milne
Eoghan Murphy / OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Irish planning minister Eoghan Murphy has published emergency legislation that provides for second extensions of planning permissions in certain circumstances.

The Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2017, designed to enable developers to complete unfinished housing developments, is expected to be passed before the summer parliamentary recess.

This action was required because measures to put right an oversight in earlier 2016 legislation are caught up in a logjam of existing legislative proposals that won’t now be passed until the autumn.

Murphy said: “Many construction projects were put on hold during the financial crisis. As the economy began to recover much-needed housing developments came up against planning deadlines for completion.

“The legislation I have brought to cabinet will allow for an extension of certain planning deadlines. There are approximately 75 developments throughout the country awaiting commencement of these planning provisions.

“In the absence of this legislation work would stop on all relevant sites across the country. This action helps deliver more homes and increases much-needed housing supply”.

Image credit | OSCE Parliamentary Assembly