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Durkan launches green grants scheme

Words: Roger Milne

Northern Ireland environment minister Mark H Durkan has unveiled a new green funding scheme known as the Environment Fund (EF).

Eligible not-for-profit organisations and councils would be able to use the fund to help bankroll schemes that protect the landscape, habitats and species.

The initiative would also promote health, wellbeing, resource efficiency and sustainable economic development.

This new-look scheme would mean an expansion of the range of projects funded under the previous Natural Environment Fund.

How much funding would be available under this new arrangement has yet to be finalised.

Durkan stressed that the grants would help to tackle “the most acute environmental priorities facing the North”. Funding would go to projects that would “reduce marine litter, galvanise volunteer effort, improve air quality, deliver on the Biodiversity Strategy and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for us to enjoy our environment”.

Image credit | Northern Ireland Executive